Quick And Easy Ways To Style Balloons For Your Party

Quick And Easy Ways To Style Balloons For Your Party

Balloons are a party-decorating staple. Being large, 3D and available in hundreds of styles they are perfect to suit any occasion and really pack a punch. If you want to create a space that looks amazing but doesn’t take hours of work, balloons are a great option. We’ve outlined some of the different types of balloons and our tips to choosing the right balloons for your party.


Tip 1: Be organised and pick the right sort of balloons

Not all balloons are able to be filled with helium, so make sure if this is something you are wanting to do that you have chosen balloons that are suitable. If you are using helium pre plan where you are getting this. Nothing worse then getting ready to set up a party and realising the closest place to get your balloons filled is an hour away. Places like Kmart and The Warehouse have helium balloon kits so you can fill your own for roughly $50 (unsure how well these work) or you will have to Google to find places that fill helium balloons in your area. When it comes to putting it all together it is good to have supplies on hand like cello tape, string or ribbon and scissors.


Tip 2: Choose your feature balloons first

If you are planning on having a big feature balloon set or statement balloons it is easiest to organise these balloons first. Then you can get other balloons to go with them afterwards. It is great to have a range of sizes so there are different focal points for the overall look of the space. We’ve listed some ideas if you wanted to choose words for your statement balloons below:

  • Engagement Party Balloons or banners: Love, She Said Yes, Engaged, Happy Engagement, initials of the bride and groom.
  • Hen’s Party Balloons and Bridal Shower Balloons: Bride To Be, Bride Squad, Love, XO, or Wifey. Alternatively pick a banner as your feature: Same Penis Forever, She Said Yes, Cheers Bitches, Drunk In Love, Last Fling Before The Ring or Bride To Be.
  • Baby Shower Balloons: Baby, Oh Baby, Girl, Boy, It’s a Girl, It’s a Boy or a Big Gender Reveal Balloon.


Tip 3: Picking your secondary balloons

Now that your feature balloons are chosen you can pick some other balloons to go with it. Grouping together balloons in bunches is great for filling up a space, as well as hanging them in rows or as a back drop for photos. If your party is outside putting balloons in trees is super easy and adds a real party vibe to the area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match solid colour balloons with confetti balloons or pearl balloons for example, grouped together these look fabulous.


Get inspired for your balloons styling

Some of us are into crafts and DIY and are happy to spend a few hours putting different things together. While others want the easiest, quickest and most effective balloon stet up. Both are completely fine ways to work. To get you feeling inspired with your balloon choices we have put together a few ideas for your party.


Blow-up Air Balloons

Blow-up air balloons are super easy but, can sometimes be a bit more limiting with how you use them. They tend to need to be hanging or stuck onto a surface. Nevertheless there are still a lot of great options and these balloons can be much easier to catch if you accidentally let them go.

Add a little weight into the balloons before you blow them up and hang from trees, you can also do this inside on ceilings.

Balloons hanging from trees, Lively & Co

Use different sized balloons and stick them on a wall behind a bubbly bar or grazing table of food.

Bubbly Bar balloons on the wall 

Tie the balloons together in bunches like flowers and hang in a row or operatically throughout a room.

Balloon flowers, Lively & Co

Hang balloons at different levels and placings. These look great hanging over lights and would be easy to do.

Hanging balloons, Lively & Co

Make your own simple balloon garland. Group together different sizes and types of balloons. Pinterest has great instructions for this.

Balloon garland and love balloons, Lively & Co

Most word balloons can be hung or stuck on a surface without helium. One of the best parts is that they are reusable as well.

Love balloons hanging, Lively & Co

Group balloons in a particular area, it looks best of there is heaps of them. Make sure you have something to contain the balloons so they don't end up everywhere, unless of course that is the look you are wanting.

Grouped balloons, Lively & Co


Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are super versatile and once you have them filled, can take little effort to style, brilliant! Great if you are short of time or in a space where it isn't possible to hang balloons anywhere. A downside is if they have a slight hole and slowly start to not float it can ruin your styling and be difficult to fix. If you aren't careful, you can let them go outside and they are gone forever as well.

Get some helium balloons and let them float to the ceiling. Make sure there is string or ribbon on each one so you can get them down at the end, it also looks good.

Metallic Helium Balloons, Lively & Co

A row of helium balloons down the middle of the table or leading to an entrance.

Helium Balloons for the middle of the table, Lively & Co

Get a mixture of different balloons, fill with helium and group in bunch. Tie to a weight or you can purchase balloon weights.

Bunch of Helium Balloons, Lively & Co

Put a couple of statement balloons with your food table. It adds a bit of height to the area.

Helium balloons by table, Lively & Co

Word balloons filled with helium and weights to hold them down. Oh so simple and great for photo backdrops.

Love Helium balloons, Lively & Co

Hang photos from helium balloons. A great alternative to a photo collage board.

Helium balloons photo collage, Lively & Co

Have your helium balloons on different length strings and stagger to make a backdrop. Great for behind a food table or photo wall.

Helium balloon back drop, Lively & Co



If you have time on your hands there are also plenty of crafty things you can do with balloons, Pinterest is full of ideas. Including using paint, pom poms, making balloon shapes, filling with things other then confetti etc.

For you balloon needs check out our Balloons collection.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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