Do the balloons come filled with helium?

Unfortunately not, it is too difficult to ship helium filled balloons and we couldn't guarantee they would make it to you in one piece. It is always best to get them filled the day of the party anyway so they are looking their very best.

How can I fill my balloons with helium?

You can buy your own mini helium tanks from Spotlight, The Warehouse or Kmart. These are really handy to have and if you have helium left over you can use it for another party. Some businesses offers a helium filling service.


How do I get rid of the creases in my sash or cap?

Give the sash or cap a light steam on the back side and the creases will all come out.

What is the shipping time?

We dispatch our orders within 24 hours Monday-Friday or the next business day. Please allow extra time for custom orders. If you are requiring your order urgently please do not use a rural address as this can take a few extra days. Please also keep an eye on your tracking details and if you notice any delays be prompt in contacting our Couriers for an update. A Business address is usually the quickest. More details on shipping here. While we try our best to work to tight timeframes we can not guarantee delivery - delivery timeframe is an estimate only and often outside of our control.

How do I access the downloadable game I just brought?

In your Order Confirmation email there is a blue link that you click to download your game. Just click on the blue link.