Hens Party Planning For All Ages

Hens Party Planning For All Ages

Written By: Kim Oliver
Owner/Founder: Flame and Scent Ltd www.FlameAndScent.co.nz

It has become somewhat of a tradition that the bride-to-be is swept away by her bridal squat and given as many pink cocktails and suspicious looking shaped candy as she can handle, during a fabulous tour around some of the city’s best bars, performing treasure hunt style challenges and enjoying her ‘last night as a single woman’.

But sometimes this party plan means that some of the guest may have to miss out, as not everyone is keen on an all-nighter, or are simply unable to attend for other reasons, cost often being one of them as a night out in town can easily see you spending upwards of $100 per person when the average cocktail is around $18 or higher. 

What if you could find a way to host all the bride’s friends and family members for a party that they will remember forever, and allows the bride-to-be to spend this special occasion with all of the people that she wants to have included? It is possible, and yes, it may in some cases take a little more organizing, but it will be totally worth it + instead of waking up to a hangover the next day, you get to wakeup fresh as a peach with beautiful memories to cherish and a bunch of new friends.

Doing a workshop style activity for the hen’s night means that you truly get a chance to bond with the girls, get to know the ones that travelled from out of town, and enjoy a fabulous day together. Then when the wedding day comes you will already know most of the people that are attending and no one has to sit alone!

Planning a hen’s night can take a lot of work, so below I have selected some of the coolest ideas. And the great benefit of doing a workshop together with the girls is that you simply contact the business owner and they will do all the organizing for you!

Candle making class for hens party

  1. Soy candle making

Make your own fabulous scented soy candle during a 2 hour workshop that can be held at any venue of your choice. Kim at Flame And Scent Ltd offers a customizable workshop, tailored to your party theme. The workshop will guide the girls through the process of making their own candle, which they get to keep! In between instructions there will be games that combine the art of candle making with the interests of the girls. www.FlameAndScent.co.nz

  1. Pilates class

Have you ever considered a fun movement orientated alternative to the usual hen’s night? Barre and Pilates classes are the perfect options! The playlist can be adapted to the bride-to-be’s preferences and they offer complimentary organic herbal tea before and after the class. Classes can be held for groups up to 10 people, of any age range! www.bloombarreandpilates.co.nz

  1. Flower crown

Want to feel like a queen? Make your own flower crown! This is such a great and fun activity, let your creative side out and create something wonderful, perhaps it can even be part of your bridal squat’s outfit on the big day?! www.julietteflorist.co.nz

  1. Adventures
Forget getting your nails painted for your hens night... how about getting your nails dirty on an adventure?! Grab your girls and escape the city for an epic adventure. Come surfing, mountain biking, dirt biking, gun shooting, hiking or even kayaking, and tick something rad off your adventure bucket list. Either join in on one of the weekend adventures, or book an exclusive adventure for your squat. adventuregirls.co.nz


No matter where you are located in New Zealand, there will be people in your area that offer all kinds of cool workshop ideas, just ask Google! Above are just a few ideas to help get you starting to think about what is possible, and what might interest you. Why not ask the bride-to-be what she would like to do?

Lots of choices out there, that is for sure, make sure you pick something that you think most of the guests will enjoy or are able to participate in, and have a fabulous time doing it!

Written By: Kim Oliver
Owner/Founder: Flame and Scent Ltd


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